Project management and maintenance:-

Wabra have project management and maintenance specializing in the design of civil works for the project and its implementation. also design of electromechanical works and implementation, including, for example, desalination plants according to international standards and specifications also sanitation unit and this is done under the supervision of specialized engineers, with teams full maintenance with High-level technician and a mobile workshop vehicles large and small which equipped completely which reach all          sites of the kingdom We offer you a simple idea of the most important projects for wabra EST..

Directorate of Water project:

(2195500) Total value

Donate contract to create watering tanks and water treatment plants at the expense of His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz project is divided into two parts.:

 1-Cotractor Of water desalination plants for drinking in some centers provinces of Riyadh region., Through the implementation of a six desalination plants for water (Alfrecha - Sultana Balshaba - Tebrak - Alnaivih - Alkhalaig - Ajeeliah) wells at 

2- Cotractor of water tanks in some centers of the provinces of Riyadh region through the implementation of a(24) tank spread over a (18) center., In the provinces)Kowaiyia - aflag – wady eldawaser – Duwadimi(.


Project of the Ministry of Defense and Aviation:   

(13214525)  Total value

A contract for the rehabilitation of the water treatment plant capacity of 2500 m 3 / day in  strongly strategic missile Force in wadi Al dawaser.


Project of the Ministry of Interior:

(1316700) Total value

 The construction of reservoirs , water desalination plants and well run housing in the Directorate General of Technical Affairs, Riyadh (establishment of a water treatment plant) capacity of 1000 m 3 / day.


Project of Ministry of Finance:

  (1541341748)  Total value

The construction of a wastewater treatment plant in Salwa port capacity 3000 m 3 / day.


Ahsa Project:

(1818040) Total value

Feeding water project by reverse osmosis for the accommodation of the current staff at King Fahd Al-Ahsa's Affiliated to the National Guard Health Affairs.


Dhahran Project :

.( 13214525) Total value

Create a water treatment plant and sewage in Dhahran.


Safwa Project:

(265600) Total value

Rehabilitation of the water desalination plant in Safwa east area.