1. Importation and installation of desalination plants (R.O.) of all sizes.

2. Maintenance and operation of desalination plants.

3. Supply and installation of :

a. Sand Filters

b. Metal removal filters

c. Carbon Filters

d. Desalination Unit (DI)

4. Supply and installation of control for (SITA-FLECK) companies.

5. Supply and installation of Reverse Osmosis Membranes.

6. Supply and shipment of filtration materials (sand of various sizes – razan *** - activated carbon).

7. Supply and installation of chemical dosing system (DOSING SYSTEM).

8. Supply of chemicals used in desalination plants and counting the doses of each materials.

9. Supply of spare parts used in desalination plants.

10. Supply of chemicals used in treatment of water of boilers and chilling towers.

11. Supply and installation of polypropylene filters (the hose filters) of various sizes and as well as their relevant containers.

12. Supply of feeding / supply pups, high pressure pumps and other pumps used in desalination plants.

13. Supply of nozzles for the sand filters and softeners.