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Our establishment role is concentrated on refinery and treatment of water according to the latest scientific methods

in this field. This procedure makes Wabra Establishment obtains its clients confidence through

provision of the most healthy and least costly product, besides the recurring follow up and our concern for the after

sale services due to our absolute belief that our relation with the client doesnt restrict to a suppliers relation with

a consumer, but a long-term partnership relation whereas the clients success in rendering the optimum service is indeed

our success.


The Wabra Contracting provides the most optimum and the highest standard of services in water treatment and desalination field.

The Wabra Contracting has concerned for representation of a group of international companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in various important fields and specialties in water treatment and desalination domains.


-The American Company Pentair that possesses many companies of which is Code Line Fleck).

-The R Can Company pioneer in manufacturing of Ultra Violet Sterilization Equipment in various sizes.

-The Italian Hi Tec Company specialized in all water treatment equipment.

-The German Prominent Company the manufacturer of chemical dosing pumps.

-The Saudi NALCOCompany, the pioneer in industry of chemical materials pertinent to water treatment.

-One of the distributors of Lowara and Grundfos pumps. 

-One of the distributors of the reverse osmosis membranes (Hydronotics Koch Fklm Tec).

These achievements make Wabra Contracting to occupy the pioneer position in the water treatment for the nutrition sector whereas it dominates (90%) of the Saudi market in this domain (restaurants cafes hotels meat factories beverages factories water bottling factories). It worth noting that, Wabra Contracting is registered as a main contractor of water works for the Saudi Aramco Company.