Since optical frequencies are extremely large (~10^15Hz), as compared to the conventional radio waves(~10^6Hz) and microwaves (~10^10Hz), a light beam acting as a carrier wave is capable of carrying far more information than radio waves and microwaves. It is expected that in the not too distant future, the demand for flow of information traffic will be so high that only a light wave will be able to cope with it. Soon after the discovery of the laser, some preliminary experiments on propagation of information carrying light waves through the open atmosphere, i.e. rain, fog etc., in order to have an efficient and dependable communication system, one would require a guiding medium in which the information carrying light waves could be transmitted. This guiding medium is the optical fiber.


Our work

Our expert Fiber Optic team work tasks are:


  • Install Public Telecom cabinets.
  •  Excavate Cable Trenches through different types of roads.
  •  Install Manholes.
  •  Install cable conduits and ducts inside Cable trenches and Manholes.
  •  Lay Fiber Optic cables inside ducts in cable trenches.
  • Splice Fiber optic joints and pigtails.
  • Losses tests and traces.